The challenge of writing in the fall

As the mad writer I find I spend a lot of time thinking about writing. Fall being one of my favorite times of year sometimes i find myself distracted by the crisp air and fall colors. I want to take a walk instead of settling down and working on words. I should be working on poems and dribbles, shorter forms than I usually work on but all I want to do is sit back and watch the new tv shows, eat apples and pumpkins and enjoy the day.

I am happy that I finished up Escape and should be releasing it soon but now i have to decide what else i will be releasing and when. In the fall I have so many different things to release that I would happily release them all at once.

One thing I need to do though is buckle down and write. I have been invited to submit into a charity anthology for animals. Coming up with a tale of a sweet little creature who is a service animal is something I haven’t done before. This is something new for me and it it should be a lot of fun, but what to write? I plan on spending a few days thinking about it.

Another thing I found off of google is a group that is doing weekly poetry prompts. Another thing that i think will give me a wider range of expression. I have obviously done poetry collections all ready. Having four of them out so far and another one I am thinking about doing, well i need fresher material.

Yes i am planning on doing a book of the haiku, acrostic and cinquains i have been putting on what i am calling photo poems. Knowing when to put out that book is the hard part.

So as you can see trying to settle down to write is hard at this time of year. I want to play and watch TV, make new things for the coming winter, but as a good, if mostly unknown writer, I need ot work…so work I shall.


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