Tis the season….

the fun part about being a short story writer is that you have a lot of places to send your stories to. Now August seems like an odd time to be thinking about seasonal stories but lots of sources are asking for Halloween stories right now. And of course like the crazy short story writer I am, I am working on tales for different anthologies.

Now most of the stuff I have submitted so far has been flash fictions. For those of you who don’t know what that is, flash fictions are short stories, generally under 1000 words. So far I have sent out two different ones and I am working on two more. One for a Halloween drabble collection and one for a clown anthology.

I find myself really inspired by the coming holidays. Something about fall and Halloween has always given me that extra added push to write something fun, something different. From a story about walking the path of jack o lanterns to a story about a small and adorable little furry critter, they are just fun.

Now as of last week a new anthology all ready came out. In this one I wrote a flash fiction about a classic creature of fantasy, the Salamander. A story of only 500 words but a fun one none the less. So if you are interested take a look at here is the link:

hot summer nights



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