Editing your own work or okay I missed stuff

As a writer who has yet to make a lot of money I am forced to rely on the help of friends and my own self to get editing done on my work. This of course means that things slip by. My newest release, Death Walks Through, has examples of things I missed.

Now the majority of those stories were released all ready as separate short stories and have mostly have had great reviews. Before they are posted up for sale they go through many many many read through by myself and no not all at once. I generally go at least three or more days to weeks between those read/edits and I do catch a number of mistakes.

But in the spirit of making my work better I spent a part of yesterday searching for online editing programs.  See I do my read throughs, I self edit, I use MS Words spell and grammar check but I know that I don’t get commas in the right places all the time. So I thought it would be a good idea to find a program I just might be able to afford. 

First, yeah right afford. Most of the programs will do a month of service, where you can go through and edit your work. Grammarly is the most famous one and probably the best there is. It checks for spelling, grammar, plagiarism (like that is an issue on fiction!) and other things. It has a free seven day trial and you can get a month of it for $29.95. 

Anyways I tried it out and I noticed it uses the oxford comma a lot and is a little difficult for things like colloquialisms in dialogue. But over all it is a good idea.  Now the biggest problem I found with this and all the other programs I checked is it would only do up to twenty pages at a time. While this works for a short story in most cases, for a novel that is a pain.  You have to go through and do it twenty pages at a time!  Luckily my novels are not super long but can you imagine if you wrote things like Stephen King!

So I have to think about this seriously. At the moment I can’t even afford the $29.95 price. Sales, while not bad, are still not bringing me a stable monthly amount. and I want to try one of the pay for marketing packages so I have to go back and forth between paying for editing or marketing.

Now a lot of writers say pay an editor, they will catch more.  The only problem is still cost.  While I know a number of editors who work in my genre, and who are willing to give me a discount, I can’t afford them.  At a minimum of $250 on up they are way out of my price range.  See I haven’t made $200 yet in the publishing business and that is over 2 years!

So you great readers, bear with me.  Someday I will be able to edit my work so it is a lot cleaner. Enjoy the tales and realize that you are helping develop a writer from so called infancy to adulthood, you will really enjoy the trip.


2 comments on “Editing your own work or okay I missed stuff

  1. Do you have a community college near you? You might be able to find someone in the English department who would be willing to help. If not, I have found the Beta Readers Group on Goodreads to be very helpful.

    • I have a couple of beta readers but you still miss things here and there which seem to bother the true grammar nazis out there. There is a university in town but at the moment getting there is impossible.

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