To use a pen name or to not use a pen name

During my recent down time of being sick i spent a lot of time debating this very thing.  See I plan on doing a series of pieces that will be very different from my fiction so far. Things that will be more real than fiction and I realized that maybe I shouldn’t publish them under my known pen name. Okay yes my pen name is my actual married name but still. 

Because I write everything from fantasy to erotica there is a very good reason not to put out some things under the same name. I have a handful of children’s stories that I have in the works and having those under the same name could cause some issues if they took off right? Then there is the memoirs that I am toying with.

Even more than poetry, a memoir is a very personal story. Those stories tell us the memories of a person, their take on things that happen. While I don’t now, at 50, have trouble sharing some of these memories, I would rather that they not be grouped with my works of fiction.  So the pen name.

Many authors that I have read over the years have used pen names. Established as writers of one type or genre of story they have used the pen name to explore another.  Charles de Lint was also Samuel Keyes for an example. JK Rowling tried to use a pen name for her adult books but well that got out quick and I think that was the publisher and not her.

Another thing with using the pen name is how to market said titles without giving away that it is really just another face of yourself? Or do you market them?  Another topic that I will deal with in another blog soon.  So fine reader, if you pick up a tale and think it just might be me with another face, you just might be right!


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