Canada Day is tomorrow or I better do a lot of writing today

Yup another Canada day is nearly here.  I have been living up here now for four years and thinking of their national holiday my right wrist gives me a major twinge.  I don’t think I will ever forget getting that injury for sure.

but other than the bad wrist I have had a good life up here.  I have writing and publishing a lot since I moved up here.  Before i moved to Canada my life was too busy with taking care of kids, working and being sick.  Here the pressure, while different, is much less.  I can create and I am so glad I can.

Over this past week I worked on two battles for the newest WIP. First a knife fight in space. Okay not actually in space but on ship board.  Having a resource that I can ask hand to hand combat questions of makes that so much easier. Then i worked out my very first ship to ship battle, again thanks to the live in research specialist.

Trying to understand the physics of space flight and battles is way beyond most of us humans. My hubby gave me a very intelligent answer.  What shows like Babylon five or Firefly.  They have those ship to ship fights.

Now I have watched both of those and of course enough anime to get the general idea but I still plan on having him read what I have in chapter fifteen to make sure it doesn’t seem lame.  Yes I said lame.  While I can write, I just am not sure on the battles if they are lame or not.

It looks like once this little bit is done I will be starting the next act of this book. Having the heroine be more a classic heroine that needs to be rescued is different for me. After all most of my female characters will kick butt and take names.  Yes I have done the rescue me theme with the heroine from The Knight Protector but I wrote that piece over fifteen years ago.  A very different me for sure.

So the thought is do i keep her as a victim or do I let her learn to kick butt?  I am not sure. The two lovebirds in this story are not true warriors but the hero was a part of that knife fight on shipboard.  Guess we will see right?

This week i did take a little time off to write a flash fiction length tale for an anthology. Something to refresh my mind. It is odd to go from writing in third person past tense science fiction to writing first person present fantasy.  A twist of the mind right?

Now today I will be doing all my blogs, maybe write a poem or three, a drabble or two and maybe just maybe I will type up the raw emotional letter i wrote to my now deceased biological dad.  I just can’t decide. Should i or should I just forget?

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