Wednesday First Pages – Adventures in the Realm of Faery by Ch’Kara Silverwolf

Today’s fun first page is from Ch’Kara Silverwolf’s fine story:



Adventures in the Realm of Faerie




Step into the world of faerie and allow your wonder to run riot with some new friends and their happy adventures. Frolic in the sun and meet some delightful characters, who will share your hopes and dreams as they discover the fun and fantasy of the fae world; it is just a step in time and space.

First Page

Alisa & Reeza

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful faerie called Alisa. Alisa had a mass of soft blonde curls falling to her shoulders and framing her face. Her blue eyes were the color of the sky.

Alisa had a special friend called Esmeralda. Now Esmeralda had hair like copper and deep green eyes. She was delicate and waif like but she had fire and mischief in her eyes.

One day they decided to go on an adventure together. Alisa had always wanted to go to where the humans were and so they set off to see what they could find.

They saw wonderful things, looking in the windows of human houses. Families at dinner, children watching television. This amazed them both for there is no television in the Faerie Realm.

They spent some time going from house to house until they came to a really big house with the most beautiful garden.

They darted about inspecting everything, they came to an alcove in the garden surrounded with draping plants and beautiful flowers. As they came into the alcove Alisa stopped and stared for there was a beautiful boy sitting there. He took her breath away. He had shoulder length dark silky hair, dark almond shaped eyes and olive skin.

Alisa could not take her eyes off him. Her heart skipped a beat when all of a sudden he looked up and she realized he could see her.

“Where did you come from little one?” he asked.

“I am from the Faerie Realm,” said Alisa. “How can you see me when other humans cannot?”

“I do not know, but I am glad that you are here. My name is Reeza, do you have a name little one?”

“My name is Alisa. May I come and speak with you again of your world?”

Reeza agreed, and over the next few months they spent much time together, speaking about the differences in their worlds. As each day passed they became closer and closer.

Alisa began to feel a great sadness for she loved Reeza and believed that they could never be together.

One day Alisa went to see Scheherazade, Queen of the Faeries. She told her of her feelings for Reeza and of her desire to be with him in his world.

“There is a way,” said Scheherazade, “but if you take this step you must be very sure of the path you are choosing. For what you wish, once done, cannot be undone. I ask that you think long on this before you make your choice.”


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