A bit off the mark or writing something short in the middle of a novel

Yup I am taking a little break from Escape to write something else.  I was asked if I wanted to submit a short story for another anthology.  As you can imagine I said yes.  After all short stories are my fortay right? (And yes I can’t spell)

With the theme of summer I thought why not write a tale about the summer solstice and of course a creature that is hot…well in the literal sense that is. A tale about a salamander.  Now the funny thing is I thought I would just jot down a fun little tale but this guy decided he needed to tell the tale.

So instead of being in third person I am writing this tale from his point of view. I have done this before of course.  Started out doing that in Night and Day and moved to the Harry stories, so it won’t be that odd for those of you who have read my work.

This wont be a long tale because well…it is set on the shortest night of the year.  I should hopefully have it done in the next couple of days and then I can send it over to the editors to take a look at it but for you guys who enjoy teasers how about a little bit from a short story today?


Summer Solstice, just another day to most.  Lots of sunlight, warmth and good times.  Pull out the barbeque and beer and enjoy long hours of golden sunlight.

But not too long ago people remembered, people held ceremonies celebrating the day.  For it is the turning of the year. The shortest night of the longest day. There are a few who burn the bonfire, the bone fire. They burn for the turning, to remind the world that the year will grow darker. Long ago the fired called us to you but now they simply light up the dark.

Look closely and you will see eyes in the those fires. Watching and waiting for you to invite us out to play.


Like I said, just a little teaser.   Happy Summer Solstice my friends and have a bright and sunny summer time.


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