Resarch research research

When you switch genres sometimes you hve to spend more time researching the basics than you do atually writing.  See I need to know the level ships when dealing with a space opera.  I can’t say have a spy running a dreadnaught by himself or have a pirate crew just running a corvette.  So I had a nice long discussion with my resource…yes my hubby that is.  The advantage is he played starwars minis and was a huge star trek fan.  Gives me a basis to work with in telling this tale.

Now if you don’t have science fiction nerd/geek for a spouse you can still find what you need online.  Talking to other writers is a very helpful thing.  As is the huge number of websites that the fans of the genre have put together.

N0w maybe you are thinking, Lisa why should i do all that research fora genre of fiction that is not real…lets just understand this.  When you write in genre fiction you have much more rabid fans than so called literary fiction or just contemporary fiction.  If you don’t get it right and they read your book you will be trashed in more than the book review.  You could find your tale held up as a piece of horrible fiction writing and used as an example of what not to do.  So do your research folks.

Now it is the research that can hold up the writing process for sure.  Last week I should have gotten at least a few thousand words written but in reality I spent a good portion of my time trying to figure out just how a pirate in space would attack a freighter and just what type of weapons said freighter could be expected to have. As you can imagine that was very different than figuring out how a sword or magic fight would progress.

This fight is not a penultimate fight or anything but it does move the plot along. It is necessary in moving one character away from safety and the other characters. To give the good guys a goal other than staying out of the hands of the bigger bad guys.

In science fiction, just like in other hero fiction, you need to have a character in need of rescue. Okay normally I do a strong woman who is doing her damn best to rescue herself but this time I have a character who has no fighting skills.  In fact the only way she can fight the biggest of bad guys is to take herself out of the game entirely.  Course letting her kill herself is dramatic but ultimately would end the story before we got anywhere right? What would happen to the love interest? Why would I need the really cool outsider who connects this and two other books?

So I have to do a bit of things that stop my female lead, yet keeps her alive and available for rescue.  Almost faery tale in scope.  But we shall see if it works in this new for me genre. Back to doing research, typing and of course moving the heroes into place!


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