And on to the next…or Hey I put out a new book, now what?

Yup, I finished up To Save Face or Family and put it out for sales.  Doing the final formatting and editing from 6am till 9am and then spending the next few hours going through and marketing my newest masterpiece.

And that is the hard part of course. Letting the world know your newest baby is out there to be read, loved or trashed is of course a hard thing to do.  Letting the world know is harder for me.  I hit up all the free social media I could think of and now i sit back and hope i see results.

But once I finished it i had to sit back and decide what to work on next.  Yes, I have Death Walks Through, collection one to get edited, cover made and out but those are completed tales and i am talking about writing here.

After the terrible lassitude from writing I had from March through April I feel the urge to do more.  but what should i work on?  Should I pick up one of the languishing novel starts I have?  Move onto something different like a science fiction novel or should i work on another Vampire slayer short story (Dark Games)? Just can’t decide.

Of course I could open up photoshop and get that cover done but today I think i will mostly vegetate for a bit.

Tomorrow I will get in gear, work on tales to enthrall my readers and artwork to make the world take notice…today…I will sit back and relax.  I think I have earned it.


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