Another snowy afternoon and a day late

Okay  I had planned on working on my blogs every Monday but well see…okay I admit it.  I stayed up way too late watching the Oscars and then dragged my butt around yesterday in a haze and fog.  I should have taken a nap but well…I was stubborn!  So instead you get me babbling on a Tuesday.

Usually I just go on about what I am working on currently but well while I am working on a new Sheldon story I will babble about that over on my Books blog.  Here I thought I would go on about the Smashwords Book Read an Ebook week long sale.  Like the last time I have put a bunch of titles either on discount or for free!  While it doesn’t help my bottom line I am hoping I will get more reviews out of this process.

Thanks to another author over on the Amazon discussion boards I went through my Amazon book pages and did a major over haul.  Two days of adding a LOT of information to all my individual titles.  Giving a little extra information on my other series and hopefully nice little bits to attract attention to my work.  I still need to do a lot more of course.  The second half of the major overhaul will involve spending a ton of time on Shelfari putting in all kinds of little things that tease and entice readers.

Also I am doing a read and review over on Goodreads for The Traveler.  I was hoping for more than the handful of requests that I got but if i get reviews how can I be upset right?

Now back to Smashwords.  Any of you who are interested you will need to go to Smashwords to get these little treats.

Distance Means Little to love is currently up for $1.50 till the end of hte week

All four of my poetry books are on sale for 99 cents each

And the following short stories are free for this week only

Under the Black Bridge

The Words that Bring Peace

Reality is a Dream

Not to the Grave Go I

oh yeah and my novella, Endings is also free for this week.  If any of you wanted to try out the first Loralil story this is the time to try it.

Also I thought I would do a shot in the dark.  If any of you reader s have seen reviews of my work, places other than Amazon, let me know.  I like to keep track of the reviews and I can’t always find them.  Thanks


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