The other side of self publishing

Now you my readers have heard me complain before about the hard part of being a writer.  The marketing of your work is the hardest part of the job really.  Finding the right places to plug your work is both a trial and a journey of self discovery.  But the thing is that is not all you need to do.  If you post your work up on Amazon you need to make sure you get more than just the title up.

Amazon gives you a place to do a lot.  The Author central page is were you do most of this.  You need to to join if you haven’t yet.  What this does is allow you to link all your titles so that when a customer searches your name all your titles will pop up.  Now that is all well and good but that is not the place to stop.  Once you have linked your books you will need to go into each title and add in information.  Under the editorial review tab you will see six categories of information that you can put in that will enhance your books appeal.  They are:

Reviews – meant for reviews you have received off of the Amazon site…I put in my good reads reviews

Product Description – this will be whatever you put in on the KDP page when you listed the book – so you don’t need to fill this in but if you need to make changes this would be the easiest way to do it!

From the Author – this can be a note from you to that reader.  Since  I am a short story author (mostly) I put in a little comment about that

From the inside flap – now think back to the last hardcover you bought.  There is generally something there about the book, an excerpt or a teaser or in my case a little hint of what that particular series is about

From the back cover – now this part was the most important for me.  I used it to let the reader know that I have many other series and let them know the first tale from each of those series.  Hopefully this will drive the readers to my other books.

Finally About the Author – now you can use your author bio from your main page or you can put in a secondary one.  I opted for a secondary one.

If you are wise you will do this when you set up your account.  Being me I didn’t even know about it till I had nearly 90 titles to update.  Took me the whole weekend but it is now done.  I plan to make sure i do this with each new release.  I only have one completed that I haven’t published yet but we all know I have many more in the works!

Okay onto another little feature that Amazon allows access to.  Shelfari is one of the sites they connect to.  Like Goodreads you have things you can do there that will help you sell.  What you will do is go to the book extras for your title and click on the shelfari link.  Now if you have signed up all ready it will pull up the page for your book and you can go in and add in little things like a synopsis or info on a character, quotes from the book, alternate covers, even a glossary of terms you use or something about the theme you are writing.  This will build a better connection for your reader and heck that can only lead to readers, right?  So I am going to go and do this on my titles…the fiction ones that is.  Can’t see this working so well on my poetry and photography books.  Gonna have to research how to get those before a reading audience.



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