Soon to be found in a ebook near you!

Okay silly title but it works right?   Last week I put up the cover for Secrets Can be Deadly and I have that working its way through the etailers right now.  I have also put up Cha-cha-changes.  Both of these tales are part of my Magic and Nightmares series of short stories.  Fun and odd…my usual for short stories, or at least I hope they are!

I have also finished up the covers for three more Death Walks Through Tales.  I will be posting those closer to the end of the week, I think.  Here are the covers for the three stories.  I will be putting up excerpts of those tales over on my BooksbyLisa blog.

love-you shadows-speak no-more-the-smiles  These are my sad tales of course.  Yes my tales have taken a darker turn but don’t worry, I have others in the works that will be lighter and more fun.  Just getting everything up and out there for you voracious readers.


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