Another cold Monday on my hands

The month is moving along and I have done a lot of moving of files.  Thanks to Amazon dropping Draft2Digital I had to move 40 titles over to them.  Now this wasn’t so bad.  Thanks to D2D keeping the mobi format of my titles up on their server I just downloaded the mobi and then uploaded the whole wad up on Amazon.  Took me an entire day but I got the stories up and even put up a couple of new covers for stories that were all ready over there.

The upside it did get some attention to me again.  Have had a handful of sales on titles that really haven’t seen movement in ages.  By handful I mean one or two sales of four titles…not a lot but I take them where they come from right?

The downside is that reviews that were done on any of the titles that were not 0rginally put up on Amazon are no longer showing on amazon.  They told the folks at D2D that review and numbers would be taken across..which they weren’t.  I emailed amazon bout it and they said sent us the old and new AISN numbers and they would connect the reviews, not the numbers.  I went okay, got the numbers and sent the email back to them.  Then I get another email saying to, get this, send them the numbers AND the reviews and they would move them over.  What the hell do they need me to send both numbers and the reviews for?  Never mind that they now have two of my kindle versions no long attached to their paperback versions.  This is ANNOYING.

I will probably have to ask the wonderful people who wrote the reviews if they would not mind moving them over to the new numbers.  Damn that is a lot to ask for sure.

Well once I get that done I plan on putting up the seven finished tales I have.  Well that is once I get covers done.  I am a wee bit behind on that.  Not as much as I am in the book trailer list but I will get into that later.  I have one cover done for the pending works and I am trying to figure out what will be the right cover for the following stories:

Secrets Can Be Deadly


I Can’t Love You Anymore

No More the Smiles

If Shadows Could Speak

Undying Tricksters

The first two are part of the Magic and Nightmares series, just like When Winter Comes Roaring.  The other four are part of the Death Walks Through series.  With these I think I will begin on working on the collected book one of those short stories.  Some of the Death stories seem to be over looked by the readers, which is sad as they are poignant little tales of love and loss and the after life.  My ghost stories are different for sure.

I think by this summer I will collect together all my series into their various books.  No matter if I only have five or six tales.  Other authors have done it and had it work out well.  So we will see.  They will of course cost more than the single titles but they will be cheaper than buying every short.  I won’t say when this will be done after all I still have to finish writing Whether to Save Face or Family and then work on a few of my paranormal romance novellas and start on the science fiction tale I have pending.  So much work and I have been a BAD writer and playing video games!


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