Turning to the dark side

Yes I know I am not really dark.  I do a lot of strong fiction that can be dark fantasy but really I am not an Anne Rice or a Stephen King.  But I have written a fair share of dark tales that can fall under the category of horror.

Since Just Fiction let me publish two of my short stories as a sort of teaser I chose of course The Last Moonset and Descents.  Now the first one is more an end of the world quickie but the second one, now that is horror.  More a scary tale of the mind but still horror.  I made up a cover for it and posted it up with D2D.  It should be available soon.  Okay I currently have five tales working their way through D2D and a bunch more that need to be done but well it is just something for me to do right?

Here is the cover for Descents


descents Now I have only a handful or so more to make covers for, to do a final edit to and to post.  Then I can get back to the writing part of my job, right?


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