Buried under snow

This winter has been wild as many of you know.  Every time I look out the window I swear the snow is still falling.  I am feeling buried.  Now I am not sure if it is the weather, the cold or the achiness from getting old but I find myself fighting to write.  Most of my day I find all I want to do is go back to bed and snooze away the afternoons.

It isn’t like I have done no writing.  I have done about a chapter more on Face.  I will soon be stepping the characters into the madness of the climax and the fun battle that will break out.  Like most of the novels I have written there will be battles, there might or might not be fatalities but I won’t know till I write them.

I do know that there will be a bit of a transformation toward the end of this tale.  yes I have shape shifters in this one.  They aren’t weres though.  They are magical beings out of folklore.  Kitsunes, wolf, herons, eagles and others.  I have of course thrown in bad guys and good guys who are being forced to do things not good.  It is another odd tale and I have a prereader who has the incomplete book and I think is enjoying it so far.

Once I finally fight my way through this one I can move onto something different I think.  Tossing up between working on the science fiction story The Price of Freedom or the next erotic paranormal romance.  Just will have to wait and see of course.  My resolution to complete the ten tales in that folder is off to a very slow start.  Maybe by the time spring blows in the gentle winds and warmth I will pick up speed.  For now i just have to keep plugging away.


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