Two new releases on the way…short stories are me

Well I am going to start putting out all my backlog of finished tales over the next few weeks.  I decided that they need to be out there.  Decided that if readers aren’t interested in my current stuff right now that it was time to just put out more.

Where most of my work has fallen easily into the fantasy genre, I thought it was time to put out some of my horror stories.  So in the next few days if you want to try reading something a bit darker you will find titles to try out.

I have contacted my first publisher to see if I can publish one or more of the short stories separately.  It seems that they finally decided to tell me about how long my contract is for and what I can do.

Seems that I signed a five year contract with these guys but I can publish up to 20% of my book if I wish.  I have decided I will publish Descents.  That is the horror story from that book. A more cerebral type story.  It is a good tale that needs to be read by more than the handful of people who have bought Gates.  So I will contact them and get it out there.

So how often should I do this?  Should I put out two stories per week till they are all out or should I just finish up Face and put that out?  I don’t know!


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