Well looks like we are going down

For the past two and a half months I had been doing quite well.  Seeing a sale or more a day, while not a huge amount, was pretty good.  People were really interested for a bit in my titles but it looks like they aren’t now.  I haven’t seen a sale for over a week.Should I be worried?  Should I blast social media with all my titles?  Or should I just make up all the covers and release the eleven finished stories I have all at once?

Really I will probably do none of the above, or maybe just a bit of it.  This month my first novella, Endings has made a sale or two.  I have only occasionally marketed my first Loralil book and I am hoping that it will keep selling.

Reworking covers is what I am concentrating on at the moment.   With so many titles I really want to have those covers looking good…okay better.  With seventeen titles that have so so covers it means a lot of work.  Now that photoshop is up and running the way it should I just need to dig through my files and find the right fonts and the right images to make those covers better.

Now I don’t expect that a new cover will help a story sell a thousand copies but ten or twenty a month would be nice…for each title.  Okay that is asking a lot right now but I know deep inside that once a reader actually reads one of my tales they will get intrigued.  Or so I hope



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