Beginning of a new year

2014 is six days old and I am taking stock of 2013 and what I want to do during this year.  During 2013 I published 40+ titles.  Now that seems like a lot, doesn’t it?  After all most writers do one or two novels a year but I mostly don’t write novels right?  I released short stories, novels, novellas, novellets an poetry collections.   While that is a lot of titles other than lifting my profile I am not sure I have attracted a lot of attention.

Some of my titles are doing really good.   My two newest titles are doing a lot better than almost every other title so far.  Traveler has had four downloads as of this morning…that is for 2014 an Angels has seven.  Not a huge amount right?  Well considering that November and December were banner months for me with my highest total sales so far since I started selling my work.  If things keep going the way they have January will clock the same way, I hope.

Now about new works.  I have a lot in the tubes.  With my new years resolution to complete the work in at least one of my pending folders I will have a lot of work to do.  The folder I am hoping to complete I have labeled as Novels.  Now that doesn’t mean he titles will work out to be novels but it does mean that they are all ready past the short story stage.  I am working on and urban fantasy, then another paranormal and then a science fiction or three.  Of course i expect that in the next year  will be struck by the sudden need to write more short fiction.  in fact I have eleven finished short stories that are pending release.   Most of them are meant for anthologies but as those books seem to be on back burners I just might release them all myself.

They are all parts of my various short story series.  Now I might sit down over the next few weeks and make covers for  them, or that is the plan.  After all covers are what I do right?  so if I make the covers and release these books you might want to look for new titles by me over on places like Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes & Noble or ITunes.  While in the past two months I got most of my sales via amazon there is nothing wrong with the other sites.  In fact if I look at my most popular titles over on places like Apple, Barnes and Noble and Sony they are mostly my free stories.   Yes those odd little tales that I have a handful up for your reading pleasure.

I doubt I will be doing anymore free titles.  I think having seven free titles is enough to tease you gentle readers.  Okay I will probably put up one more.  My drabbles.  I am planning on collecting them together and putting the images with them in a nice little book…maybe.  We will see.  2014 is looking like it will be a busy year.


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