Showing versus telling and sorry but you are wrong

There is a movement among publishers and editors telling writers that they need to show and not tell the reader about the story.  Now I have a bit of a problem with that view.  Yes most of what I write falls under the show category easily enough but sometimes the way you are telling a story needs to be told not shown.

See when you write in first person like I have done in a bunch of tales the character is narrating to the reader.  When you have a character talking to the reader directly you have them telling their tale to those who are reading.  This style of storytelling, if done well, can draw you as the reader into the tale and hopefully keep you there.

Now by having your character actually talking to the reader, so to speak, is breaking another so called rule of writing.  There is something called the fourth wall.  For those of you who have no idea what that is it is the hypothetical wall between the story and the audience.  Such as if you are watching a play and suddenly one of the actors stops and turns, speaking directly to the audience.  I have seen this done, and done well.  I have two short story series where I have done this and readers have given me great feedback on it.  As of today I have released the first in a new novella series that does the same thing.

As far as I can tell this will only happen when you are writing in the first person versus second or third.  Most pieces of fiction you read will be written in third person and yes I have done tons in that voice.  I have yet to write anything in the second person and until I learn how I doubt I will.  That is used according to wikipedia as more commonly used in guidebooks and the occasional novel.

Now I am as usual bouncing around in my comments here.  This came to me because an editor recently commented that I was breaking the fourth wall and that I should show instead of tell so much in my most recent work.  This novella was meant to be my protagonist telling her story to the reader.  Lot of fun for sure for me and it seems I have a reader or two or agree.  So I will probably write more that way.

We as writers have to stand strong on they writing style.  While I am extremely grateful for those who edit or pre-read my work I will not change how I write the stories that bounce in my head.  I will accept editing of my punctuation and comments about plot holes or if my sentence structure is bad but I will not change how I tell the story.

Now the fun thing about this story, Where Angels No Longer Tread is that I will be doing a series of novellas and it is the first story in that series.  The next will be Wind Lover.  Like this first one it will be erotic but it is written in third person, not first and I will not break the fourth wall.  I will show and tell because that is how I write.  If you don’t like it leave a comment in the reviews….but try it you might enjoy it.


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