Happy Holidays readers

Yes I am sorta back.  I have been working hard on so many tings that at times I think I forget to write.  But this morning I got some done!  Sometimes your self set goals get blown out of the water by things outside of your control.

I have been happy to see people suddenly buying books again.  While my sales are not huge they are there.  People have been picking up The Traveler, which is really nice and surprisingly picking up Endings and Revenge along with some of my single shot short stories.  while my numbers aren’t huge it is gratifying to see any sales.

I have been taking stock of the different places I put up my work for sales.  Ever since before the whole kefafle at Kobo I haven’t seen a sale over there in months.  I am sorely tempted to just remove the titles I have over there, redoing them on d2d and being happy.  See Kobo, like Amazon pays to your bank account instead of paypal.  I like having my sales in my paypal account because I have direct control and i know when the money gets there.  Having it go into the family bank account, the small amounts I earn get lost in bills.  So that will probably be one of my jobs next month.

I haven’t decided if I want to do the same with those I originally put into KDP…I don’t want to lose things like reviews and book rankings so i will probably leave those alone.

As I said I have been working on my writing again.  Yesterday and today I sat down and started working out getting the heroes all in one place so that the villains can do the whole gloaty thing that we all love them to do.  I won’t tell you how or when but I thought I would toss up the little bit of a teaser I put into the story.


Walker shook the hair out of his eyes as Lucas let out a gasp.  Darting his eyes about he saw what had shocked his old friend.  Slowly coming into the room was a creature that was at once horrifying and lovely.  “Oh god, no.”

Slowly the form moved toward Lucas, who stared at it with horror written large on his face.  She was slender and small, no more than five feet tall.  Long mahogany hair fell about slender shoulders and rippled down in a tangled mass to her hips.  Where once there had been a clean blush of youth and health, there was the grey pallor of a corpse.  In a heart shaped face sat a pair of eyes like burning coals.

“Ivy.”  Lucas struggled to say her name past a lump composed of sadness and shame in equal parts.

The girl turned her eyes from her master to her father, taking a half step forward before stopping.  For a brief moment there was an almost flicker of her old self but then Damound reached out and caressed her, bringing her attention back to him.  “Yes, old man.  Here we have your daughter.  I found her in the rubble.”  He continued to stroke her hair with an almost paternal air.  “There was just enough of her left for my magic to bring her back.”  He smiled then, a monstrous grin.  “Of course I had to do a few modifications.  “I do believe that she is ready to talk to her partner now.  Aren’t you little one?”

Ivy nodded, speaking in an eerie echoing voice.  “Yes, my master.”


Fun and evil little bit….can’t wait to get this tale finish and up for readers!


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