A hard days week

I have been stuck without my main computer for over a week now.  So much  work that I have not been able to do because my main computer went belly up.  Luckily I had my files backed up on thumbdrives but damn it gets annoying having to work on two different netbooks.

Thankfully my prereader got me all the edits via email.  Angels has been edited but oh my the story needs an extra chapter for some depth.  Which I will be working on  once my mood gets better.

Yes moods do effect us writer types.  Good moods and we get a lot done.  Bad moods and we are lucky to get anything done.  Between the computer issues, a zero star review, sick kid and a broken pipe outside and as you can guess my mood is a mess.

I am trying to work on both Angels and Face and to make some covers that I have been asked for.  The netbooks, while great for reading your email on, are not the best for working on.    All I can hope is that my mood lightens and I can get Angels finished up.  I would like to publish it sometime in January.


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