Yup I am more than excited right now.  The Traveler went live on Amazon yesterday and this morning I work up to see it as #65 on the Fantasy>Epic category.  Love how this is moving.  With any luck people will be intrigued by a seeing a new name on the top hot 100 list.

This has sparked me desire to write more.  Sometimes after releasing a title an author can feel depressed.  First it is handing off your baby, the ting you have nurtured and worked on for a long time to an uncaring world.  Much like parenting writing is a very personal thing.  These stories are the children of our minds after all.  While I am pretty good about my short stories, a novel is different.  It takes longer to write, longer to edit and it can be scary to let go.

I have mostly picked a tough field to write in.  Fantasy has had a resurgence thanks to the Lord of the Rings,  Harry Potter and Hobbit movies.  Writers like George RR Martin have a lock on the top of the charts but a new writer can hope to find a place on the readers ebooks or book shelves.


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