The second draft or filling in back stories and descriptions

As a lot of you know I got through and write and write, edit and edit and write some more.  I admit that I don’t finish the first draft before I go back and do those edits though.  Generally when I hit the end of a tale my work has been gone over a dozen or so time by me.  I like to try and catch plot holes and other things I missed before I go forward.

Working on Where Angels No Longer Tread I have found that it will most likely end up a long novella.  If a novel is 50K+ and I am nearly finished this story at just over 32K+ I doubt I will get it up to a full novel.  I wont pad it out till it reaches that length just to reach that length but I will fill in the bones of this tale as best I can.

Writing a story in first person means you need to be careful when you go along the tale.  You don’t want to slip into third person by accident, or even a different head.  POV is essential in my work.  When i have a character telling their story I want to keep it that way.

Zephyr is an sad being for sure.  Centuries living as something you were not meant to be will do that.  I think I Have managed to conviegh that sadness but kept in her that hope of the future.  No matter how abused a spirit is there is still that chance that things will get better, or so this tales tells.

As always I have music on while writing and Richard Marx is the basis for most of this tale.  I think when I finally finish this one I just might take a break for a bit.  I have put out a lot of work this year.  With all the short stories, poetry collections, novellas and novels I have written a lot of tales.  There are always more but i need a few days of just resting my mind.  Not that I will really rest but that is the hope.

I made a set of lists of things I need to do that is not strictly writing.  There are book trailers needed for eighteen published stories/books, four tales to have the smashwords treatment done and posted over there for sale to the lesser markets.  Then I need to start on covers for the eleven finished short stories that I have put into various anthologies.  I plan on posting them up on the other markets that wont have the anthologies. like B&N and KOBO.  And lastly I went through my covers and realized that I need to work out themes for the various series and redo the covers on another eighteen of my tales.  My early covers were okay but they don’t catch the eye the way they should.  And maybe once all that is done I can go through and update the blurbs on my stories.

So much to do and we all know that I will probably get hit with another story or four that need to be written right then.  The never ending work of being a self published author is what I do all day.  I can say I actually love doing this now.  I may never sell more than a dozen or so a month but at least I know that my work is being seen and read by someone out there.

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