Another day, another sticking point

At times I wonder why authors take so long to write their next book and others I totally understand. Writing short stories is generally for me a quick process. The stories come to me almost complete, just needing a bit of fleshing out to make them really good but a novel? Oh novels take a lot more work.

I have many stories in my computer that are just waiting for me to pick them back up and finish them. Some of them, more than a handful i would say, really should be novels. The current WIP is one of course. The only problem is at this point in the story I am worried that I wont get it to that all important 50K threshold.

Novels are supposed to be over 50K and there are thousands of writers who have no trouble reaching that point. I do, I admit it. I try to make my stories rich in back story and filled with action and intense emotion. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t but I try.

Right now my heroine has regained two things she never thought to have back and should be barreling her way to the confrontation with the villains. But it feels like if I take her directly there the novel will stop before I reach novel length and this worries me.

Where Angels No Longer Tread really should be a novel, not a novella. The story is strong, the characters are rich and they keep tossing up things for me to tell about them but will it be enough?

All I can do is hope I can get to my goal without dragging down this story with unneeded fluff.


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