zooming along or am I?

When working on a new story the speed the story flows is important.  As you readers know I write mostly short stories but I have been working on longer pieces of late.  With one novel coming out next week, I decided to start working on my next book seriously this week.  Some days I flow really well with typing up over 3K at a shot and other days I sit back and struggle to move forward to the next scene.

In Where Angels No Longer Tread I had started this story as an erotic tale but as quite often happens when I really settle down the story evolved.  Yes it still has two scenes so far of really erotic content but I am working now on chapter eight.  This story has rolled around quite quickly.  At the moment I think too quickly.  I am only at  22K yet I can see the ending in sight.  Time to slow up and that is the hard part.  How do you go from fast moving action to a slower more introspective section without seeming like you are padding your story?  This is the part that I struggle with.

Many authors tell me that they have an issue with doing a tighter, less hefty story and it is the opposite with me.  This is where I sit back and try to fill things in.  Back stories are rather important to the type of story I am writing.  Paranormal romance is a huge genre but as I write this I am wondering if I am really doing a romance?  Yes i have two lovers, I have introduced both a second male and a twist that I didn’t see coming myself but the story is building more like some of my other fantasy works.  So if there is a lot more fantasy than romance can I still call this a paranormal romance?

I am taking the day today to sit back and think about how I want this story to go.  The mystical part of the tale has come up and slapped me in the face again and that twist I mentioned has made for a bit of confusion.  This is actually fun!


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