How to deal with switching scenes

Okay every writer knows that stories go through a lot of changes.  You might start your story in a forest or a city and switch from one to the other.  In the case of my newest WIP the story starts in an alley and moves to the bedroom.  I have managed to work through those scenes with very little trouble but now I need to move from those sexy scenes to action sequences.

It is just that the mind set for a sex scene is hopefully very different from action sequences.  I have introduced my villain but only as a voice inside my heroine’s head.  Now I have to ratchet up the tension, build it so that we are ready for his appearance.  BUT and this is a big but, I need to do it long before he comss on camera, so to speak.

Doing a paranormal romance is very different from the fantasy worlds I have done before.  In a modern setting you will have bystanders and things like cops around your setting.  Now what if the cop is a part of it all?  What if the heroine finds out that the man she thought a friend of her shelter was really working for the villain?  Yes a bit cliche but hey I am allowed those from time to time.  This story is at the moment in the should I or shouldn’t I stage.  I could sit down and type up a few chapters that without thought would end up trash, or I can sit, crochet and work out how to deal with this next sequence.

Yes folks part of my working things out comes from crocheting.  Weird I know but when you have your mind working a mile a minute sometimes you need something else to do with your hands.  So I crochet, luckily what I am doing in that will look okay with a few mistakes here and there.

Now back to the writing.  In PR usually you have a strong and silent type hero who is tortured by his past, check got that.  You have a seemingly ordinary woman who sees past his facade to the man underneath and allows him to ‘save’ her.  Well not so much in my story.  Angel/Zephyr can take care of herself or could long ago.  This tale will be more about her coming to terms with her past and her present than saving the badboy hero.  As much as I adore those stories I think we need a tweak toward a woman who has her own story to tell.  Of course I will have transformations, epic love and hate and twists along the way.

The question now is will I be able to do this in one go or will i have to back off, think and work on something else as I do?  We shall see.


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