Switching from fantasy to erotic paranormal romance oh my

As I finished up Traveler and handed it off to my beta readers I decided to work on my next story.  I have said before it is a paranormal romance.  Lots of fun to write stuff like this for sure.   My take on this genre is very steamy for sure.  Okay I admit the story idea started out as a simple hot erotic short story but somehow it grabbed me around the throat and said NO I AM A NOVEL!

I sat down yesterday while my daughter was at school and banged out quite a bit of work.  When writing modern romance you almost have to throw in powerful sex scenes.  With my experience in writing erotica I had no trouble with this part of working on Where Angels No Longer Tread.  Well I didn’t till my daughter came home from school with a friend to play on our xbox.  I was on a roll, writing about 3K in text and was just getting to another scene when they showed up.  All of a sudden my momentum fell flat.

After all how can you write something hot and steamy with two ten year olds sitting on the couch across the room playing Minecraft?  In my case, you can’t.  Like a smart woman I saved my file, closed it and opened up something else.  Thanks to my beta reader I had a lot of edits to go through on Traveler and I worked on those till dinner time.

Speaking of The Traveler we are more than halfway through the edit on this book.  If we keep up the rate of editing that we are I might get this out sooner than I planned.  We will see of course.


Now I thought i would drop a little bit of my newer WIP but I have to be careful after all.  Posting the erotica parts is not a good idea but I have some back story that should intrigue you gentle readers.


My brother, Mistral, was so very different than I growing up.  He was cold to the core, blowing up in anger over the smallest things.  He had been the stronger of the two of us.  Twin born we were a first for our people.  Where I was light and laughter, loved music and to dance on the wind, he was harsh and loved to battle.  We were opposites but I still loved him with all my heart.  That is until I met warm and gentle Notus.  My first and only love, the Ariel that I was fated to mate with.  Only my brother did not like the idea.

It was my brother who brought in the man, the human who destroyed our kind, feather and bone.  I led our strongest fighters against him and the troops of wingless ones that he had brought with him.  While we fought these new beings known as man with our spears and swords they took us down with arrow and bow.  Something we knew nothing of.

I shuddered again as that memory, that day filled my mind.  Holding Notus as his bright blood flowed like water from his body, his bright silver eyes dimming as he died in my arms was one of the most painful images that linger in my mind.  Lying him down and picking up my spear to fight again, the hardest decision of my life.  When I returned to the battle it was to find my brother, the dark twin of my own self with his sword buried deep in the body of our mother, a vicious grin on his face.


As you can see I have introduced the villain of the piece.  Every good paranormal romance has a villain who will drag the heroine away from the hero.  Whether I let my hero save Zephyr or have her save herself is yet to be written (But i know!)


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