The importance of a good title

Now you all know titles are one of those things that drive me nuts.  Like getting the right name for a character, the right name for a story is tricky.  I admit I have gotten better but it has taken me long years to come up with the ones I am using now.

A few years back I was posting my more erotic pieces over on a free site.  Won’t say which one but something at the time amazed me.  One of my pieces was turned down for inappropriate content.  I was floored.  This was part of a paranormal romance.  Yes it had a scene dealing with passion but nothing outre or wrong.  No bondage, no rape, no underage or just plain sick coupling.  Just two adults of the paranormal variety comforting each other.  What in that chapter I sent over could have been wrong?

Finally last night it hit me.  The title must have been taken wrong.  In the pattern I had been using at the time the title came from a line in the story.  You see at one point the male lead says to the female lead…”Children should be heard and not seen.”  This was an explanation that it was safer for them to let the world know they were there before being seen.  Made sense to me at the time.

Well I guess they thought this story, this tale of two protectors of abused children living on the streets was referring to something much darker and nastier.  Which of course I would never write about.   Still the idea that something I wrote could be turned down unread by a place that features incest stories was mind boggling.

I have since retitled the piece Where Angels No Long Tread and I plan on work on it after I finish up Traveler.  Yes yet another different tale to go into a different genre.  I have a feeling that over the next few weeks i will be retitling a lot of my WIP to something that is my eye catching than the working titles they all ready have.  A book is said to be only as good as its cover but it is really the title that catches the eye in the beginning.

I know this because some of my stories have barely a stir or none at all.  Stories that in my opinion are better than others that have no sales at all.  Since they are published I can not go back and change the titles but I can with the WIP.


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