Working on book covers as as easy as you think

As i have said before I have a number of finished stories that need covers at the moment.  So of course I am working on them right now.  My hubby was nice enough to pose for a couple of images.  While you will not be seeing him in all his handsome glory, he will be part of a number of covers.  That is once I get the images sorted out.  I have done one all ready and put up a new Death Walks Through tale up for purchase.

The completed piece is Death Comes Softly.  More romantic than some but I seem to be tending toward a bit of romance lately.  All part of being happily married me thinks.  but back to the cover.  Coming up with good covers for a series of stories with Death as a character is not as easy as you would think.  I don’t want to use that tried and true image of the grim reaper when I am making him a much more understandable character right?

The three other tales I have, Undying Tricksters, No More the Smiles and Shadows on a Wall are all very different.  Today I plan to seek out images that will work for Shadows on the Wall.

Now that tale is based on something that intrigued me for a long time.  After a massive explosion, such as the one from a Nuke, there will be shadows burned on the walls that remain standing.   One tale I heard about was the shadow of a woman who had been sitting outside the bank waiting for it to open.  As you can image my mind came up with a quick tale that had to be told.  Coming up with an image will probably take me getting someone to take a photo of my shadow.  See I think if I can get a good shadow image against a brick wall that would work for the cover?

No More the Smiles will be easier but I have yet to figure it out.  And Undying Tricksters?  Oh that I am still pondering what to do with that one.

I am debating doing a cover for Sudden Disappearances.  That is the novella I did as part of Guardians of the Gate City collection.  If I decide to put it up it will probably be one places other than Amazon, B&N and Kobo…just not sure.  Any Harry story is just as much fun as the other for me.  I love the character of course.

If you want to see the cover I have finished you will have to go over to my blog.


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