Back to working on a novel

Yup.  I have done so many short stories over the past year that I am pretty proud of myself.  Okay they may not be making money or be the cup of tea of a lot of readers but i know they are good tales.  Odd, intriguing and worth a read? Oh yeah.  Those who read them seem to really like them but as I said I am back to working a novel.

Not the field I excel in I know but I need to push myself right?  I want to be known as a writer who can do a lot.  Not all because I am pretty sure I am not a screen writer or a song writer but I can do poetry and short stories and I have done a novel or two before.  So why not work on one that I stopped last year.

I can hardly believe that almost a year has passed since last years Nanowrite.  Now for those of you who don’t know what it is well here goes.  It is a group of people who try to write a novel in one month.  You are expected to sit down and write two to three thousand words a day.  The big problem is you are expected to do just that.  Just write.  No going back and editing what you have written, no fixing mistakes.  You are expected to hold off till the end of the book.

I just can’t work that way.  While I got a lot done on Traveler last year it drove me nuts.  I usually work by writing up my scenes and then going back to fix typos and other booboos within the same day.  That way I can read over what I did and make sure i didn’t do fragments (yes i do those too much) or the wrong names etc.  It helps me work out the next section that much easier.

So I went back to Traveler, pulled it up and started reading through it.  The first chapter needs serious work but the rest arent’ too bad.  A tweak here a tweak there and it flows great.  Once I get past the 90 odd pages I have done all ready I can move forward.  I know where this tale should go but as I don’t write by outline I will see where it goes.

Speaking of outliners I really don’t know how they do it. Plotting out everything in advance seems to me a very rigid way of writing things.  My stories flow from my unconscious on their own.  I am telling those stories but more I am the fingers that type what the characters tell me.  I am enjoying being that set of fingers.

As I said I am back to Traveler.  A tale of magic, love, magic and curses.  A prophecy and more.  I hope that this tale will catch the imaginations of an audience.  It is what i hope to be grand in scope.  But this will be a single book.  I have enough series going that a stand alone should be a good thing right?


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