Back to work

After a week of cooking and playing it is time for me to get back to writing.

I have been happily scribbling down notes on three different tales.  With any luck I will do as well as last Saturday and finish up these tales before the holiday weekend here is over.  Yes here in Canada is it a holiday weekend.  Thanksgiving is Monday and I am mostly getting used to having it so early.  With all the fun I have had baking and cooking I think it will be a good one.

Speaking of Thanksgiving of course i Have a tale in the works.  Thanksgiving on the space station with a bit of a surprise for our storytelling chef.  I still hear Larry the Cable guy telling these particular stories.  They are fun, a bit light and now up on a ton of different sites for you to download and read.  I am not sure right now if I will be putting it into the anthology for the Wordsmyth or not but that is what the idea is for.

Then I have of course the winter tale I am working on.  Jackie Frost is the main character and I think this will be a touching piece when done.

Lastly I have a new tale that came to me while i was walking to the store in the fog.  It was an odd fog in that it came up after the sun was up and the way it whirled about as I walked just said write me.  This looks to be either a Mythos of Love or a Magic and Nightmares tale.  Not sure just yet but I can’t wait to finish it.

Of course the other thing I have to come up with is a ton of covers.  I am planning on dragooning my hubby into being a part of the Death Walks Through covers.  I need a good figure in that set of tales. 

And since you are such good readers how about a tiny bit of my as yet unnamed new piece?


I walked slowly, the tails of my coat making the fog swirl in eddies about my knees. The weather was odd to most but i found it soothing.  Yes fog that grew thicker as the sun climbed in the sky was not normal But then neither was I.

The city streets were mostly empty, the mothers having dropped their kids off at school and had scurried home.  I could feel their tension as I passed their cosy homes.  Anything not simple, not normal bothered their sense of right

To me though it was a chance.  This type of fog had not been seen for a generation.  This rising wall of white that muffled all sound but the one I have been seeking.  I waited till the streets cleared before I headed out.


That is all you get folks.  I need to type up the rest.


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