Time to finish up a thanksgiving tale

Well since I posted up my free tales over on Amazon and I have to wait for them to catch up with the pricing (see Amazon won’t let you post them free, they have to price match from elsewhere) and I finished up the Death walks Through short stories (all but one last idea).  I now have time to work on those two stories for the writers anthologies.

I changed the title for the thanksgiving story to “Guess Who’s coming to Thanksgiving Dinner”  Thought it was fun and the story is flowing a bit better.  I hope I can finish it soon.  Once I do I can work on “When Winter Comes Roaring”, my newest winter tale to be part of the Worlds Apart series.  Would be cool to get these done and out soon.

I have a lot of work to do and of course I have all those covers to do.  I need to find images that I can use for book covers soon.  A want a nice shadow cowboy among others.  What will I do right?

Just a babble fest today.  I have so much work to do but I will be releasing more as I can.  If you want to look at my complete list of titles go on over to Smashwords



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