Somedays are amazing and some are not

Saturday I started typing early in the am and kept at it most of the day.  I didn’t really stop till after 11pm and when I did I was amazed.  While I don’t write novels, I do write a lot of short stories.  Saturday I finished not one, not two but five different Death Walks Through short stories.  I was amazed.

I admit that they weren’t totally from scratch.  As I have said before I have a ton of partial stories in my files.  Everything from a single paragraph up to and including about forty pages worth of work.  These tales all had been started but I had been stuck on them.  In one case I had started the tale over a decade ago!  Now that they are done I am a little drained.

Yes they need editing and prereading for sure but it was nice to get them done.  If I can pull my mind back in the right place I will get the editing done and hopefully get the Death collection out in the next week.  Something I have been heading toward for over a year now.

Having another short story collection might get me sales or at least a few new readers.  My Death tales are not as dark as some would like but they are ghost stories, some romantic, some not.  Some sweet, some not.  Here is hoping there are readers ready for this book.

I still have two stories i need to write this month for anthologies.  I have gotten a few pages done for the winter tale I need for the Writer’s Stuff second anthology book and the Thanksgiving story for the Wordsmyth anthology.   Both stories are started but have stalled.  Now this could be because of the Death Walks Through stories, or it could be because I have been madly working on another nonwriting project.  Who knows?  Today I am just going to sit back, watch my recorded shows and hopefully finish my daughter’s blanket by bed time.

So while today is not an amazing writing day, it is still a great day.  Writers need to do more than write for sure.


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