The joy of naming characters yet again

As writers we all have issues when it comes to coming up with names.  When you want to have an exotic name for your fantasy character it can be both simple or odd at the same time.  Calling them by their working names makes it easier in some ways.  My villain in the Saga of Loralil Greyfox  (the first two anyway) was Samuel Elvenbane.  Nice and simple, descriptive even.

But coming up with names can be harder when you are doing a more urban fantasy book.   Right now I am working on two separate Death Walks Through tales that have angels in them.  Now when dealing with something that is from the real world such as the christian mythos, you want a feel to those names that invokes the right feel to it.  And this is where I am tripping up.

See researching names on baby name pages is simple and hard at the same time.  It will help with the general names but something specific you need to really search the web.  Thankfully writing groups can point you to the right direction.  Yes I could have used names like David, Daniel or Uriel but those are both common and specific to certain angels.  When making up a new born angelic character you don’t want a Known name attached to them.  This would lead your reader to think they are more than they are.

The two separate tales will have what I call newbie angels.  With the increase in population there needs to be more angels every day.  Of the guardian angel variety that is.  They aren’t arch angels or even two or three ranks down.  These are ones that watch over the souls during their lives trying to nudge them into a course that is good and not evil.   I have decided that depending on the part of the world they are in they will focus on that regions predominate belief system.  So if you have a soul born into a judeo/christian belief system you will have that type of angel.  If they are born in a pat of the world that is strongly buddhist, well you get the more buddhist view.

These guardian spirits are different than what most would think, or so I hope.  I call them angels because it is something that most readers would recognize.  One will be more understanding of the soul he is assigned to watch over, the other, well the other is assigned to a soul not of the belief system that she expects it to be.  Which will be fun, but as i said two different stories.

Death will be taking a more central part in these two tales.  Usually he is the guide or the figure who is listening as the souls work out what they need to move on but there are times he has to take a more forceful step in his job.  If you have souls that are putting off that journey to the other side by highjacking other bodies, well as you can imagine that annoys the heck out of him.

I have touched on that all ready in Death was the Bargain but he did not do more than nudge in that tale.  This time in Undying Tricksters, he will be taking a stronger hand in what happens.  The same will be said for in Death Comes Softly.  In one he needs to stop the body hopper and in the other help both the soul of the dead and the living.  I hope that these two tales will complete the first book in the Death Walks Through series.  I need to get this book done and out before Halloween after all.

But back to names.  I find that some names seem to work their way into my stories over and over,  Michael and Darrin seem to be two used way too often.  The same seems to go for Catherine.  In fact I need to go back and change the name of the current woman in my tale.  What to use?  I just don’t know but I will by next week.


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