Ideas are overflowing yet again

This month it is important for me to get stories finished.  With the Halloween holiday at the end of the month I want to get as many seasonal stories done as I can.  The only real problem is I have too many ideas.  I was happy to finish up the cover for It Just Might Be Gremlins and now it has gone life over on Amazon.

I wrote up a flash fiction for the same group I won the contest from last month.  The theme was a black and white image, so I wrote something darker than last time.  Since I won the 50L prize last month I don’t expect to win this month but it was just fun.

Another thing I finished yesterday was a quite drabble, which you can read here:


Dinner for one?

by Lisa Williamson


What is this ahead of me?  Is it a fish? Or something else?  The splashing tells me it is in distress, the perfect meal for me but it doesn’t smell right.  There is no scented lure, no delectable taste to tell me that it is worth my time.  Should I swim closer?  Maybe just a little bite, what can it hurt?  I am hungry and it could be a fine dinner waiting for me.  Just a little closer yet I have learned that these things, these Man things, have sharp teeth of their own.  Should I take a bite? Maybe.


Yeah I went for the point of view of the shark.  Why not right?  It was a fun and easy thing to drabble up together.

Now there are two short stories i need to get completed in the next two weeks.  One is for the Writer’s Stuff second anthology.  The theme on that is Winter and I am about halfway through what i hope will be a good tale.  The second one is a thanksgiving tale for the Wordsmyth writer’s group.  That one is coming along but I am not sure I like it.  I am trying to do another Space station Tale for that since the first story I added to the collection was much darker.

If I get them done by this weekend like I hope then I can buckle down and finish up a bunch more of my Death Walks Through tales.  I really want to collect the stories together into a book for Halloween but I am struggling.  So far there are ten tales finished and up for sale in one place or another but getting three more finished might be touch in this time period.


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