Halloween is a coming!



Yes i know today is the first and we have thirty more days till Halloween but that doesn’t mean a lot for us writer types.  AFter all if we want to get out tales out in time for people to buy we have to get our fingers typing like the wind.  So far I have submitted one Halloween short story over to one group and i have ideas set up for a few others.  I have two weeks to get a lot done.  Between those Halloween shorts to getting more Death stories done so I can put out a collection I should be writing instead of blogging!  Halloween is just a fun time all around to write things for.  With ghosts, vampires, goblins and gooleys we have a wide variety to play with.  I enjoy writing things that are both scary and fun at this time of year.

We didn’t get enough Halloween tales in for our short story book so we will be writing fall/thanksgiving tales to expand it out.  And that just gave me the excuse to write the next in the Space Station Tales.  I have told tales around Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s but it is time for a good turkey/harvest day story don’t you think?  Having my tale spinner/chef/chief cook and bottle washer let the readers know how people on a space station that doesn’t circle a planet celebrate their holidays is both a fun exercise and a break from darker things.

And on another note i will be putting out It Just Might Be Gremlins within the next few days.  I decided that story belonged in the Worlds Apart series (mostly because it had science it in and the series needs more stories!)  So if you are interested in just who runs the internet and why there are so many autocorrect errors out there give it a try.  It is one of my more funny tales.

Happy Fall everyone!


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