Writing in the shorter form

The past week has been a bit difficult for the writer in me.  Having what is probably just a head cold has made my thinking processes very very slow.  Going through headaches, doziness and fatigue will put you off from thinking much.

Well today I pulled on my big girl panties, sat down and did a little writing.  Nothing long but then I wasn’t looking for something long.  There is a short story contest from one of the groups I belong to.  They gave you an image and you needed to write something under 500 words.  Well like a drabble that didn’t seem too hard to do.  That was till I got sick.

Well this morning I managed to get a little tale written down and submitted.  I don’t think  I will place in this contest but it is possible they will publish my little tale in their anthology.  Yes another anthology.  Not that I won’t at some point put this tale together with all my drabbles and put them out in a collection but I will gladly get any publication.

Now since I have broken the block I had I will try to write other things.  I have thoughts about doing more stories about Monica Van Helsing and her side kick Patricia.  I had thought they would be a one shot but she has so many other vamperic creatures to hunt down and stop.  Having a blood drinking vampire who hunts down the less known vamperic kind might not be totally new but i have read a lot of vampire fiction and I think not too many have taken this direction in their tales.

I had planned on having the Dark Games series be for all my sorta horror but now I think it will be like Harry’s tales.  Stories told from these two characters.  I will have to come up with something else for the other tales.  I just might use the Snow Tales title for a series.  I have a number of stories that would fit in that category.  From the Snow of course being the first.  That story is in the Reflections of the End anthology.  That story is really a sort of sequel to Ice but as that is in my Echoes of Elder Times series I will just spin off like i do.

Today I will sit and work out what I think will be good places.

I have put up almost all my tales over on Smashwords.  The biggest surprise was having the erotica I put up purchased in a quick order.  Five erotic tales bought at the same time.  Those sales put A Moving Experience into the best seller rank of my stories.  Okay maybe not huge numbers but it has sold more copies than Endings and Ice, which had been my big sellers before now.

So time to work out what goes where and decide if I want to put up my handful of free tales into those existing series.



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