Trying to get everything everywhere

With the newest update to Smashwords I decided to take a look over there again.  Now they have a series manager, which with my work is a great idea.  Most of what I write is of course in series and getting them together can be hard for the purchaser.

Now I have posted stuff all over as you readers know.  Between Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords and D2D I have a lot of work to sort hrough.  While I adore D2D they only post to four of the major retailers right now.  Smashwords has a good six or eight they don’t.  So should i go through and post all my missing stories over there?  Am I up to the mess that Smashwords can be?  Is it worth the effort?  Well when I looked at the list of retailers and saw that I had sold two copies over on Sony.  So while the numbers aren’t big it is worth trying to do this.

The first hurdle is that two of the stories I have yet to put over there are some of the very first tales I published.  Before I learned much about making covers I had put up Night and Day, Passing the Torch and One More All Hallows Eve.  Now the latter has had a new cover made up but I never got to making the cover for the first two.

Working on those covers is a part of my game plan for the next few days.  They need updating anyways so why not?  Once I get those done I have to go back over all my tales and make a smashwords version of the file.  The reason I say this is smashwords is specific on where and how the copyright page is set and the links at the end of the story have to be a certain way.  This won’t be hard to do as I made a templet when I was posting there last year.  I can copy and paste it into the files I have but as I have around 60 titles and only 20 odd of them are on smashwords this will take time.

Of course I am still working on stories and other projects at the same time.  With subimissions for the next Writer’s stuff anthology not needed till November I have a little bit of time there and the third Author’s Choice Select anthology has no due date yet.  Both the stories for these collections have only been partially written.

I have been asked to write the forward for Behind the Door, the second ACS anthology and I need to get a bit more information from the authors before I do that plus we need to update the website for the group with the newer additions to the group.

All this along with blogging six blogs, raising a kid and feeding a family.  I am a busy busy writer…guess I really am the mad writer?

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