Working on more than writing

When are are a part of writers groups at times you will end up volunteering to help with things other than writing.  One this I have done is help with the websites for some of my groups.  With the second book in the editing process for the Authors Choice Select Anthologies group it is time to get myself in gear and update the website.

One of the things I realized is that the first time we did a book there was a lot of cut and pasting to the website to get everyone’s name and info up for the release.  With life and other projects I never got back to clean up things.  Like putting the links into buttons for a cleaner page.  Well I have been working on that all morning.

While I have to wait for updates from some of the new authors who are part of the next book I was able to get most of the links into button form but some of the links are not quite right.  This is when wrangling the contributors comes in.  When dealing with authors, poets, artists and editors from all over the planet you have to hope and pray that the emails you have are the right ones.  And that you remembered where the information you have all ready is.  While I prefer to get their info in an email some of them have tossed it to me via facebook messages..and that is fun to find.

I think I have most of the page updated and I can move onto putting the text onto the cover artwork that was donated by a very talented artist.  We have used the same artist for both books and she deserves to be on the cover.  Same thing with our editor.  Having a volunteer editor work on both books is having her go above and beyond.  I will make sure both Adele and Fatima get the credit they deserve!

If you are interested in seeing the website you can find it at this link

the first book was a fun mishmash of styles and stories.  I think the second book will be a bit more controlled.  We have less contributors but we have a lot of good work.

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