Editing done, two, writing finished, one…new ideas…eight?

Yup I am getting things done.  I put in the edits on Rebirth and Possibilities, finished writing Cemetery Games for the Wordsmyth Halloween anthology and sent it off and then started typing in my notes.  Did a lot this morning but the weather got me down.  I had to stop for over three hours do to pain in both wrists.  The real problem with the weather for me is that when the humidity spikes it makes my joints ache hard.  It took a few hours before they stopped hurting enough for me to come back and do some blogging.

It was fun getting things into the computer though.  I had not realized just how many story ideas I had been scribbling down over the past week.  Some of them are simply a paragraph or two and others are pages and pages of notes.  With the story ideas typed up I had to come up with working titles and of course figure out which series they belonged in.

Some of them were very simple of course.  Death Walks Through got pieces of three new tales.  Shadows on a Wall, Undying Tricksters and Battlefields.  I won’t go too much into what the tales will be as of course they are in the very early stages of development.

Beyond Realities has picked up two new tales.  Finding Momma and Winter’s End.  Now these two i am not sure if they will stay in the Beyond Realities series.  They are odder than those tales and both set in Winter.  I seem to have a handful of Winter’s Tales…hmmm..maybe I should start a series called that?  We shall see.

I tossed another in the Worlds Apart series titled When Winter Comes Roaring.  Again a winter tale.  I seem to have a number of them in the works.  It could be because of the theme of the next Writer’s Stuff anthology.  Coming up with ideas that deal with winter are both hard and easy for me.  We shall see.

I haven’t tossed out a new Echoes of Elder times story in a bit and I have some ideas perking for that.  Getting these series to have enough stories to justify a collection is harder than you would think.  I want them to be big enough to justify a $4.99 price tag.  I will just have to keep up working right?

I do have tales I have not put into the series yet.  I have 20 in progress under the Urban category, nine under scifi and 27 under fantasy.  Any of those stories could be moved into the series that I have going or those i have pending.  Dark Games has two complete tales (one going out to the anthology), Mythos of Love has one finished and seven pending, Nashua Tales (a so far unfinished set) has seven tales and of course I have 21 erotic tales i haven’t finished.  So you can see with the works i have started I could be writing till the end of next year and not be caught up.  Because of course i have 12 tales that i put in a folder called novels because they seem too long for short stories.

Yes today I am babbling but I am hoping to someday finish each and every one of these tales.  They are too much fun to write and I think you readers would enjoy them all.  Back to work I hope!

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