Should I rewrite my fan fiction to saleable fiction?

With the first week of school over things are starting to settle down, giving me time to think and work.  This is both a good thing and abad thing.  I have to get used to a new schedule in this home of mine.  The hubby’s schedule is in flux and of course the kid is still shaking down things but while they are out of the house i am alone and able to work.

I have been working on tales for those anthologies i mentioned before but I am having trouble.  See the problem with the way I write is that I let the characters talk through me.  They tell the stories and I write them down.  When I am on the same page as the characters that is great but when a different set of characters start clamoring for their tale to be told this can interrupt what I hoped to have written.

The Halloween, Winter and Changes tales are about half written and will be fun little stories when they are done.  The problem is that Suteko is bashing me on the head with a new story.  Now I adore my Suteko character and I have written a lot of her tales.  Like Loralil she is one of the two strong females i have written about.  She has the longest of my work so far in the story, When Shadows Rise but the problem is is that she is a fan fiction type character.  Now that I am trying to be a working author who gets paid having a story forcing its way through my head I am torn.  Suteko is a great character with a lot of back story and a lot of emotion.  She fights for the Light and Good but I am not sure I can transform her from a fan fiction character to  saleable character.  When I wrote Shadows I was still okay with just being a silly writer type.  Now I want to write better than I did with each tale.

The elements of Suteko’s tales, both Sins of the Father and When Shadows Rise that are from the animes Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon would be hard to remove.  I am not EL James and willing to pass over my stories are true original fiction if they aren’t.  It would take a lot I think to change two perfectly good stories from fan fiction to saleable fiction.  But who knows maybe next year I will.  For now I am scribbling down my notes and praying that I will be able to get my other work done.


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