Getting things done

Yesterday ended up being a good day for writing down my notes.  Today I am typing them up.  Rebirth is done the writing, typing, editing, rereading and editing by me stage.  Now to get it to a prereader for a once over.  Came out rather nice I think.  Time to move onto the notes for Possibilities.  That little tale has been a pain to get going but I have it now.  Once I get the notes done for it I can type in the notes for another as yet untitled bit.

It is interesting to me how I can go from one series to another.  I don’t mean to skip from one series to another but the ideas come as they may.  having four Mythos of love stories is cool and I sorted through my files and found four others that will probably stay in that romantic theme.  With those and the five Death stories I have a lot to finish.  The only problem is the darker turn tales are taking and the ideas for horror stories.  I have six of those pending!  I was working on Possibilities when this scene with a scared and drenched six year old child running through a storm hit me between the eyes.  WTF right?

I have tried to work on just one tale at a time but it is like my mind gets stuck in neutral when I do.  If I want to keep putting out content I have to work on multiple tales at the same time.  Maybe this is a sign of OCD or some other thing, who knows?  But it does give me so many tales to tell the world.

I used to just sort them by science fiction, fantasy and horror but now I have been slowly sorting my story ideas by those series I have come up with.  I still have many that are in those plain genre categories but someday I will sort them all.  The important part is to work each day and get them out.

I realized that between the short stories, the collections, the anthologies and those tales I have tossed up for free I have close to a hundred tales available for readers.  Okay it only shows as sixty on amazon but that is because there are six tales in Gates, six tales in Distance, eleven tales in Naughty Interludes and more scattered through the anthologies.  If i keep writing as I have been I could easily have 200 tales up for reading by the spring!  Wouldn’t that be cool?


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