Fighting through the humidity to write

Yeah I have said it before but humidity really hurts.  Makes it hard to move for me or to care about much.  I managed yesterday though to work through the ouch and get some writing done.  Thank Goodness!

At the moment I have two notebooks I am using to work out stories.  One is Rebirth which I have decided is definitely a Mythos of Love story.  I have it mostly written, now I just have to type up all those notes.  Hopefully this morning.  The other notebook has my new Halloween type story.  I am not sure now that I have finally got it to go the way I wanted that is would so much be a Halloween story and not just a good old fashioned horror type story.

Okay my horror stories are not that scary, or so I feel.  They deal with dark themes (yeah I know I do a lot of those) and dark critters but they aren’t Stephen King or anything like that.  This tale has been driving me nuts.  Titled Possibilities, it is my newest take on a vampire story.  It just didn’t want to go the way I thought it would.  I am just glad it is flowing again.  Mostly finished in fact in the notebook sitting in front of me.  It will need major tweaking before i finish  it for sure.

Much of what i do is odd, that I admit but I want to have tales that make sense in the end.  This tale will probably be one of the hardest of them all to be considered done by me.  Every author feels this way I am sure.  Books and stories are our babies as much as our children.  We want to put out the very best tale we can.  Now a lot of people would say pay those editors and leave it in their hands but that isn’t what is needed.  You really do need to be happy with where the story is going before you think about letting another person read it, be it an editor or a beta reader.

I am happy to say I have found beta readers that I trust to tell me when I missed those dreaded commas or hyphens.  While i might write short little tales they still need to have those things put in the right places.  Something I have had trouble with at times.


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