Ick what did I just write or throwing out that last part

Sometimes when you are working on a story you get hit with three or four ways for the tale to go in the same scene.  If you are like me you write them down and try to see which would be the best way to go.  Usually I come up with a good sequence of events and it becomes a springboard to completing the tale.  Sometimes not so much.

Yesterday while sitting alone in the house for the first time in a while I decided to work on my new Halloween story.  Since I decided to go darker than last year I have a mood and an ending all ready in my head. I even have a nice little scene with one character letting the so called villain know that he ain’t as hot as he thinks he is but getting from the opening to that scene, oy how bad can this be!  I have done more sequences that I have gotten a page into and then scribbled all over the page.  They were that bad.  I mean I usually save the scenes that don’t work and turn them into a different tales but these were just plain awful.

No matter how good a writer is sometimes you have off days.  You write dialog that is cliche or stuttering or you can’t describe a scene for the life of you.  What I wrote seemed more like something written by an 8th grader than a woman nearing 50.  Luckily for me no one sees my notebooks unless I love them dearly.  I finally gave up after three hours of bad bad writing and went off to watch Face Off and Heroes of Cosplay.  Watching other creative people make mistakes made me feel better.

Here is hoping when the kid is back in school after the holiday weekend I can buckle down and write the handful of tales that are needed for all the new anthologies coming out.  Some days you can be as creative as all get out and other days you wonder where the talent went.  yesterday was one of those days.


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