New anthology themes, new stories and more

Yup it is that time again.  My groups are deciding on new themes for new anthologies and I need to come up with new stories to add to said themes.  Not a big thing you say?  After all I write a ton of short stories right?  I have something like 80 short stories out there in some form or another right now.  It is true, I have been writing a lot of tales and putting them out in different ways for people to read.

But the thing is coming up with the right story for an anthology can be hard.  For the Secrets anthology (still waiting for the official name) I started six different stories before I completed one.  In the end I submitted two different tales to that collection but it took me over a month to write just those two short stories.  I am not as picky as some writers are, I don’t over think myself too much when writing.  This makes for a free flow style of writing that some have found enjoyable and others aren’t sure about.

But to go back to the new books.  The first is going to be from the Space station Amazon discussion group.  Last year we did a free collection of Halloween stories and my submission was one of the funnier ones.   This year I have something darker in the works.  Trying for odd of course but darker than the fun tale I did last year.

The next collection is for the Writer’s Stuff group.  This anthology is set around a winter theme.  A bit harder to come up with a great idea but I think i have something in mind.  After all I have all ready done two Snow Tales as I call them.  I used the first, Ice in my Echoes of Elder Times series and the second, From the Snow, is in the Reflections of the End anthology.  So I think I can pull off another After Ragnarok winter tale.

The Author’s Choice group is voting on a theme.  One of the themes is Death and well if you read my stuff you know I have a ton of Death stories.  I am pulling for this theme since I can come up with a great story but we will see how it goes.

There is another anthology looking for romance tales.  Now this one I am stumped if I should try.  I have just started doing my Mythos of Love tales and I have a few in the works.  I could finish up one of them and toss it over.  It would be a bit odd in the collection but they said i could send over one of my fantasy romances if I wanted to.  So we will see.

That is four anthologies to do tales for.  Should I or should I just finish up things I am working on and toss them out as singles?  I am just not sure?


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