Fun at the library

Wow have things changed since I last brought a child to the library for books.  When you drop off your books there is a fancy device that scans the book cover and sucks the book into the back and then prints out a receipt!  So cool.

Then if you made a little mistake, such as my daughter bringing one of her own books by mistake it lets you know and you get your book back!  She accidentally brought a book I bought her and left home the book she borrowed but we straightened it all out.  Wandering the isles was a new experience.

Back when I used the public library in Nashua there were rows and rows of books,broke down by category and author of course.  Now the rows alternate with computers.  And best of all there are a ton of manga and graphic novels to borrow.  Now why this is good is because of my daughter.  She has a bit of trouble with reading and feels intimidated by books that have no pictures.  Yes I know that a lot of kids are reading way above their grade level.  I was one of them, but with her working memory issues I am happy at anything she reads.  Well today she was willing to try to read Nancy Drew.  That surprised me till i saw that it was a graphic adaption of Nancy Drew.  Still a lot of words but the graphic images help her feel more in control of what she is reading.  Of the three books she borrowed this morning she has all ready read one.  Okay it was an Archie spin off but still that was a good step.  And better yet since I let her get three graphic novels she has agreed to try and read a chapter or so of Dragonsong..the first of the Harper Hall of Pern books.  Here is hoping she gets into it big time.  Al the Pern books would be a great read for her.

While i have had some parents and teachers try to tell me that she should be reading this or that they have to realize that not all children read the same.  The fact that she wants to read these books and pics them out is a much better sign of her ability than forcing her to read a book she is not ready for.  She may not ever read like a voracious shark (0r me for that matter) but she is reading and I am glad she is.  Books of all kinds show us a world that is not our own.  They take us places we have not been and help our imaginations reach places beyond our ken.

As you readers know I am big on imagination.  While many parents push education they forget that imagination is important for everything we do.  Sciences and doctors, teachers and every other job require us to learn and to think outside the box.  If we can instill a joy of reading, of discovery and wonder then that child will go far.


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