Working on a tale that changes

When I started writing down my notes on one of my short stories I thought it was going to be another tale for my new Mythos of Love series but as I am going on building it has changed.  While it is still a love story it seems to be moving into a Death Walks through tale.  Now i have a lot of Death stories but only two Mythos out so far.  Should I try to pull it back into the direction I started or let it grow organically.  I write my tales without any outlines.

This tale has slowly worked in a place from my past.  My favorite car that I drove over the years was an ’77 Oldsmobile Omega Brougue.  It was a V8 two door car that growled when I drove it.  It is long gone now but way back when I was young I drove that car over mountains and through woods and valleys.  It was what made me come to enjoy driving.  While I am not an ace or anything close to that, I do enjoy driving a car over roads that rise and fall, twist and turn.  It is part of learning to drive in the northeast.  New Hampshire doesn’t really have the straight roads that they have here in Ontario, so I miss that.

But back to the story.  It started out with a man and a woman, holding each other in the darkness and slowly coming to understand where they are.  A memory of driving through the Berkshires, wind in your air and the taste of the air I thought was really good.  The flutter of feathery wings surprised me and that is where the tale changes.

As a writer we are told to write what we know.  Of course I have always argued if we just wrote what we know then there would be just boring non fiction out there or tales set in our own world.  There would be no science fiction or fantasy or most horror.  but I have come to understand in my growing old age that writing what you know is writing what you feel.  Be it telling of your emotions during a sequence or the feel of the miles being eaten by the tires of your car.  The wind in your hair or the feel of the mist on your skin.  These things can make your story stronger and more relative.  Or so we all hope.

Because I writ weird stories with themes that make people think I worry all the time that my work will not find an audience.  I know that a lot of people who have read them have been surprised at how I twist a tale but when you count your fans on one hand it is discouraging.  Will this new tale find readers or not?  That is what we all think.  With stories taking charge of where they go you never know.

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