So many ideas floating in the ether of my head.

Part of the problem of being a writer with an odd imagination is how many ideas you get at one time.   Odd little tales are of course what I write and so having new bits is good.  Like this bit from Four Dragons Valley (working title)


Benjamin brought his eyes up from her unconsciously exposed cleavage to her face.  She hadn’t noticed which was a good thing for him.  He thanked her softly as she placed the tray across his lap.  The food reminded him that he had been living on short rations for a long time.  for a moment he just looked t the food, long enoug htat Yvette spoke up.

“You aren’t a vegetarian are you?”  one hand went to cover her mouth and his eyes were drawn to the long boned fingers with short cut nails.  They were hands that hand been cared for but he could see calluses.

“No, this is perfect.”  HE took a deep breath and dug right in.  While he did Yvette moved about the room.


As you can see this is totally raw.  No editing done or rewriting but it is part of an ongoing tale.  Then  I got slapped with this angry character.


“NO!  I refuse!”

Death stood with a lifted brow.  Most wanted to move on but became stuck.  A simple nudge helped them move past and onward.  This woman was one of the angry ones.  “Why”” he asked, his oddly hollow voice echoing in the dark room.

She turned the long fan of ark hair floating around her.  “I am not supposed to be here.  That butch stole my form, forced me out.”  The anger crackled in the dim space that they stood in.  Her eyes held the glow of the righteous.  Something Death had seen many times over the years.


A story with more of Death than my usual Death Walks through.  A spirit who should not be in his realm would make him very angry.  I thought I would work on that and then it romantic scene smacked me upside the head.


Gentle black clad arms held her till the world stopped spinning.   The room as dark and close and Lydia shuddered as she took a slow deep breath.  Last thing she remembered was the wind in her hair as she drover her convertible through the Berkshires.  The scent of the trees filled her senses one minute and the next she was here, where ever here was.

She took a series of slow breaths, trying to clear her head.  “Lydia?: The deep voice caressed her skin and helped her focus.  She flet she should know that voice but placing it was hard.  She looked down, surprised that she was dressed in all white.  Fur, Feathers and leather cover her arms and beneath her harms she focused on his hands.  They were strong looking with long fingers.  She kept looking at those hands, almost afraid to look up.  “What happened?” she was surprised at the quaver in her voice.


Three new bits to three different tales.  One is definitely from a new Death Walks Through tale and the other two i believe will be part of my Mythos of Love series.  Who know?  but it is what I am doing now.  Working through my notes and finding gems.  All part of writing

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