Doing research or just being lazy?

Yes a writer has trouble with this.  See you read and search, walk and watch videos and dream and it all seems like we are being lazy.  Since I write odd fantasy tales research covers so many different things.  By watching a scifi/fantasy tv show I get themes or a current take on monsters.  By reading murder mysteries I come up with things for ghost stories, as does watching shows on the history channel.

But how much word do I get done?  Now that is hard to say.  I have two notebooks at the moment that I am writing down story ideas and segments into. Yes I know I need to work on stuff I have started but for some reason this month I have all these ideas that will not leave me be till I write down at least a bit of it.

So right now there are two more Death Walks through stories started.  One is a bit different as instead of having Death walking though, listening to the tale or adding little asides he is more the tale teller.  I have written stories before that have a body thief in them.  This time I decided that going to the side of Death and how angry this makes him.  After all he is the guide of souls and having someone who should be dead pushing out someone who should be alive that is  something that would make him angry.

Now other things I have done is go over the notes that my beta readers have given me.  Nice little fixes make me happy.  They like the story ideas, which is always what worries me more.  Since my ideas are not the general run of the mill type tales I need feedback to know if I have gotten too weird.

One of my neighbors who used to be a school teacher gave me back my first book, Gates.  She had borrowed it to read my stuff and see how bad it was.  She actually told me she wants to read more!  Always nice to hear that.  Yes I knew that those tales needed work since the publisher did nothing but take the roughs and print them up.  Now I can fix up more parts for that distant day when I get the works back.  I hope to someday put out these six tales on their own.  They are good tales and I have a sequel in the works for at least one of the stories.




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