The end of the week again

Some weeks you get a lot done and some weeks you don’t.  Now I have hit the middle somewhere.  Yesterday was a day spent out of the house so no I didn’t get a lot of writing done but I did quite a bit the day before.  I went back to the old method of sitting in a quiet space with a pen and notebook and wrote.  I needed to do that of course.  I have complained all ready about losing 14 pages of work, well I have recreated a lot of what I lost.  Things have changed a bit of course.  There is no way a writer who doesn’t have a photographic memory could remember exactly what they wrote but I managed some good stuff.

I should write up the notes but I want to do more before I do.  Get as much as I can hand written down.  It is a useful way to do a first draft.  When I take the notes and type them up I get my first edit done.  It is actually a pretty useful way to do writing.

Yesterday I had another great thing happen.  I found beta readers!  As you all know I need that little nudge to fix things i miss when I do my upteen edits.  There were a couple of things i missed that helped me.  While I went to school way back when they still taught grammar and spelling in school it has been thirty years since I graduated.  That is a lot of time to loose track of some of the rules.  Little things that make the sentence make more sense than the way i write it.

I have the problem of not using enough commas most of the time.  I admit that.  Luckily I don’t generally do run on sentences.  That would just be horrible right?  But I have my sins and things that need to be fixed in the finished tales.  Glad I have people who are willing to volunteer.  I plan on of course giving them all kinds of props when I publish.



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